Unboxing an F1 classic: Italeri 1/12 McLaren MP4/2C

First Look and Kit Review:

Unboxing an F1 classic: Italeri 1/12 McLaren MP4/2C

Get ready to have a look at an F1 classic as we dive into the exciting world of scale model kits with the star of today’s show: the iconic McLaren MP4/2C in 1/12 scale. Brought to us by Italeri, let us see what this large kit has in store for us. 

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  1. The History of The McLaren MP4/2C
  2. What is Inside Italeri: 1/12 McLaren MP4/2C
  3. Watch The Unboxing and Kit Review

Background on the McLaren MP4/2C

The McLaren MP4/2 was one of the most successful racing cars, securing the most victories in the history of Formula 1. It is the iconic McLaren that Alain Prost piloted to victory in 1984, 1985, and 1986. The McLaren MP4 series was considered groundbreaking not only because of all the championships under its belt, but it was also the first foray into carbon fiber construction for Formula 1 cars. Not only that, but this beauty sported carbon fiber brakes, a technological marvel for its time.

Before we get into what is in the box, let us travel back in time to when this car made history! Let us take a trip back to the mid-1980s, when the roar of Formula 1 engines filled the air. Alain Prost is dominating the racing circuit, clinching his second world championship. And his ride? You got that right, it is the McLaren MP4/2C. Along with his co-driver, the legendary Keke Rosberg, Prost, and the MP4/2C under Marlboro’s sponsorship made history, securing the 3rd win of the McLaren team in the F1.

What Do You Get?

Our journey begins with the box itself. Printed with the iconic McLaren Marlboro colors, it is a sight that might be nostalgic for a lot of F1 fans. On the box though, some areas are blacked out where the tobacco sponsorships are because of some restrictions. But, not to worry, the kit still includes Marlboro decals. Now, let us have a look at what is waiting for us inside!

  • Carbon Fiber Monocoque

The heart of any Formula 1 car, the carbon fiber monocoque, is a standout feature of this kit.  Italeri made it with a textured surface that makes it seem like the real car's material. There are a few small issues, but overall, it is still a very cool replica. 

The new molding has rivet details, but they might not be as crisp as other kits on the market. Some minor shrinkage is visible on certain parts so remember to fill any tiny gaps and seams to get a flawless finish.

  •  Engine, Suspension, and Cockpit Details

The kit includes a detailed engine, complete with rubber hoses, working suspension, and lots of small photo-etched parts. The suspension parts are pretty detailed, including functional shock absorbers with springs, top and bottom wishbones, and more.

Inside the model, the cockpit has a nice suede-like texture, and it comes with a driver's seat, a roll bar, and a dashboard with fine text details. The attention to detail is evident throughout the kit.

  • Removable Body Cowling

One of the iconic features of Formula 1 cars is their removable body cowling, and this detail did not go unnoticed by Italeri. So, their kit allows you to display your model with or without the cowling. With just this addition, it is easy to see how much care Italeri put into their kit's details.

  • Wheels and Brakes

The kit's wheels are a highlight. It features realistic BBS-style rims with resin caps. The cross-section detail between the carbon fiber shroud and aluminum rim is nice as well. Not to mention the brake discs and calipers that come in multiple pieces, giving everything a very realistic look. The brake components on the other hand, including the cross-drilled brake discs, look really well-done. They even added carbon fiber details to make it look even more realistic.

  • Bodywork, Exterior and Wings

The bodywork is where this model truly shines. The nose cone and upper section of the nose cone are a sight to behold. The front part, especially the nose cone and the upper section, look amazing with all their tiny surface details that make it feel like real carbon fiber from Formula 1 cars. The rear section is complete with wheel arches and a diffuser! You might notice a bit of bending, but you can think of it as a unique quirk that adds character to the model.

Both the front and rear wings are beautifully done. The front wing, in particular, is really well-crafted, showing all the complexity of how a real car handles the wind. There are even tiny details under the wings that make it look even more realistic.

  • Clear Parts

The clear parts, including the windscreen and lights, are vacuum-formed clear parts that are essential for achieving the accurate look of the car's cockpit. These parts add a level of transparency and clarity to the model. When handling and installing these parts, be extra careful to keep them from being scratched.

  • Decals and Templates

The McLaren MP4/2C had a lot of carbon fiber parts. To get this detail, the kit comes with two decal sheets with carbon fiber patterns for different parts of the car. And for those worried about the restrictions, no need to worry anymore as the kit comes with an extensive selection of decals with the Marlboro design, sponsor logos, and other markings for the car. Lastly, there are also window masks and templates for cutting clear parts.

Final Thoughts

The Italeri McLaren MP4/2C 1/12 scale kit is a thrilling addition to any model enthusiast's collection. While you might need to do a bit of touch-up work in some spots, the overall quality and attention to detail make this kit a joy to work on! If you happen to be a Formula 1 fan or just admire the craftsmanship and engineering of these amazing cars, you should definitely get this kit. It lets you recreate the glory days of Alain Prost and Keke Rosberg's McLaren right on your workbench!

Watch The Unboxing and Review

Watch BJ as he unboxes and shows you everything inside the Italeri 1/12 McLaren MP4/2C kit! Tune in to see him explore the different parts of this incredible race car and see if it can be the next one to sit on your display case!

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