Best Gifts for RC Drivers | What We Really Want

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Best Gifts for RC Drivers | What We Really Want

Are you tasked with finding a gift for an RC driver? If you are unfamiliar with the hobby or find yourself lost within the sea of choices, you might need a hand in picking out what we—RC lovers—really want. If you find yourself in this exact same bind, look no further, because in this blog we have compiled the 15 best gifts for RC drivers! From accessories, tools, to essentials, we have everything that you or your loved ones will want to receive this holiday season. So, what are we waiting for? Let us get to exploring!


  1. 15 Best Gifts for RC Drivers this Holiday Season
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15 Best Gifts for RC Drivers this Holiday Season

'Tis the season to make the RC driver in your life feel extra special. Here are the 15 best gifts for RC enthusiasts that will put a smile on their face and rev up their excitement:

  1. NINESTEPS Classic RC 7-Piece Tool Set

The NINESTEPS RC 7 Piece Tool Set is a must-have for RC enthusiasts! This seven-piece kit is ideal for 1/8 RC maintenance and low-torque tasks. These durable tools feature a tough titanium nitride finish for lasting strength, offering easy identification, removable bits, and a comfortable grip, making your RC projects a breeze. Upgrade your maintenance game with NINESTEPS!

This tool kit includes: 1.5 mm hex driver, 2.0 mm hex driver, 2.5 mm hex driver, 3.0 mm hex driver, 5.5 mm nut driver, 7.0 mm nut driver, 17.0 mm wheel nut driver

Get the NINESTEPS Classic RC 7 Piece Tool Set here

      2. NINESTEPS Essential Sanding Block Set

Get a flawless finish with the NINESTEPS Essential Sanding Block Set! The set includes two compact sanding blocks equipped with essential grits: 240, 400, 600, and 800. The blocks have a firm sponge that makes them comfortable to hold and can be easily trimmed and shaped to suit the surface it is going to be working on.

Get the NINESTEPS Essential Sanding Block Set here


The brand new Essential Side Cutter by NINESTEPS is the perfect beginner's nipper. These double sided nippers are made from high carbon alloy steel for strength and drop forged for toughness. The oversized grips make the handles easy to grip and the blades give a nice, clean cut. And the best part? All of these features that will not break the bank!


      4. BITTYDESIGN Vinyl Stencil

Get your customizing game on with BITTYDESIGN Vinyl Stencils! Designed for flat painting areas, these expert-level tools come ready to roll with die-cut precision. Made with ultra thin material, this stencil is glue-free and can be reused several times.

Check out the BITTYDESIGN Vinyl Stencil here 

        5. BITTYDESIGN CURVED Tip Polycarbonate Scissors

The BITTYDESIGN CURVED Tip Polycarbonate Scissors are the perfect precision cutting tool on any polycarbonate thickness. These stylish scissors are perfect for cutting wheel arches on on-road bodies and tackling complex, non-straight cutting lines with ease.

Get the BITTYDESIGN CURVED Tip Polycarbonate Scissors here

       6. YOKOMO Multi Stand

Maximize your pit space with our versatile Multi-Stand! Perfect for machine storage, charger setup, and more. This compact, easy-to-assemble resin stand ensures efficient use of your tabletop and is sturdy enough to support machines weighing up to 2 kg without wobbling. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

Get the YOKOMO Multi Stand here

       7. YOKOMO Pit mat

Measuring 100x60 cm, Yokomo Racing Factory’s pit mat has a smooth satin-like surface and a non-slip rubber back to keep your work in place. It is durable, resistant to cleaners and formulas, and easy to clean. The Yokomo pit mat is just what you need in on-road, off-road, and drift scenes.

Get the YOKOMO Pit mat here

        8. YOKOMO Super Quick Glue

Get your tires racing-ready with the YOKOMO Super Quick Glue! This ultra-low viscosity Omakase-type glue is your ultimate choice for wheel and tire bonding.

Get the YOKOMO Super Quick Glue here

        9. ARROWMAX Multi Shock Clamp V3

This specialized tool is designed for 1/10 and 1/8 scale RC shocks to make the pivot ball installation and removal a breeze. Even better, the Delrin clamp safeguards your shock shafts. Elevate your toolbox with this must-have accessory!

Get the ARROWMAX Multi Shock Clamp V3 here

        10. ARROWMAX Pit Mat V2

Upgrade your workspace with the AM Arrowmax Pit Mat V2—the perfect addition for any pit area! With a generous 120x60cm size, it is made from easy-to-clean, thick foam material that can be rolled up for effortless storage. This pit mat showcases the stylish AM Arrowmax graphic, making your workspace stand out.

Get the ARROWMAX Pit Mat V2 here

          11. ARROWMAX Pit Iron Set

The Arrowmax Pit Iron Set is the ultimate soldering companion for racers on the move! It includes a high-temperature soldering iron with a temperature range of 200°C to 480°C that boasts superior heat conductivity for efficiency and speed and its smart honeycomb iron stand keeps it secure during use and storage. Take your soldering to the next level with this high-performance set!

Get the ARROWMAX Pit Iron Set here

            12. NINESTEPS Premium Hobby Knife

The NINESTEPS Premium Hobby Knife is essential to every modeler's toolbox. With a top-notch Size 11 blade, it is the affordable, high-quality solution for cutting plastics, silicone, cardboard, and more. Elevate your creative journey with the NINESTEPS Premium Hobby Knife!

Get the NINESTEPS Premium Hobby Knife

            13. FUTABA 10PX

With a vibrant full-color touch screen, lightning-fast F-4G system, and the ability to operate up to 10 channels, this transmitter is a game-changer! The T10PX is designed for maximum convenience, offering rubber grip options, left-handed support, and more. Equipped with features like custom mixing, throttle and steering speed control, and even a dedicated MC-Link for advanced customization this RC controller will take your driving experience to new heights. 

Get the FUTABA 10PX here 

  1. RUBYX Radio Control Car Transport Bag

Engineered for protection, the RUBYX Radio Control Car Transport Bag is made with ultra-durable materials and boasts 4 millimeters of padding all around. With Velcro straps to secure your car, ergonomic handles, and handy name tag picks, this bag is specially designed for your convenience! Versatile enough to carry tires, clothes, and more, it is THE travel accessory for RC enthusiasts and enjoyers alike.

Get the RUBYX Radio Control Car Transport Bag here

  1. RUBYX Radio Transport Bag

The RUBYx radio controller transport bag is built to protect your controller with its 6mm padding and heavy-duty materials. It features an interior Velcro strap, a handy pocket for extra parts or tools, an ergonomic handle, and sturdy zippers. Safeguard your controller in style with the RUBYX Radio Transport Bag!

Get the RUBYX Radio Control Transmitter/ Radio Transport Bag here

In Conclusion

As the holiday season draws near, the challenge of finding the perfect gift comes as well. For RC enthusiasts there are plenty of wonderful tools, accessories, and knick-knacks to choose from when it comes to gifting. With this list, we have narrowed down the options and choices and let you decide which one is the best to have. Good luck on your search!

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