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TRAXXAS E-Clips 2mm (5150)TRAXXAS E-Clips 2mm (5150)
TRAXXAS E-Clips 2mm (5150)
Sale price$3.99 AUD
LMR Yokomo YZ-4SF Alloy Battery posts and spacers (LMR1050)
BEZERK BD8 Lipo Hooks and Retainers
JPRC 1/10th Open Cell Inserts (Strawberry Doughnuts)JPRC 1/10th Open Cell Inserts (Strawberry Doughnuts)
ACE Tamiya 1 pair
ACE Tamiya 1 pair
Sale price$4.95 AUD
ACE Traxxas 1pair
ACE Traxxas 1pair
Sale price$4.99 AUD
BLADE Main Blade Grips with Bearings: 130 X
LOSI Steering Bearing Set, 10x15x4mm (4): 5IVE-T
XRAY Suspension Pivot Pin 2
XRAY Suspension Pivot Pin 2
Sale price$10.95 AUD
MUGEN Front Damper Shaft MBX
MUGEN Front Damper Shaft MBX
Sale price$25.95 AUD
APC PROPELLERS 12x12 Electric PropellerAPC PROPELLERS 12x12 Electric Propeller
KYOSHO Aluminium Front usspension Bloock (Type B)
KYOSHO Hard Rear Lower Suspension Arm L&R (MP9 TKI4)
KYOSHO Hard Front Lower Suspension Arm L&R (MP9 TKI4)
WL TOYS Spur Gear to Suit A959-A 35KMH

Frequently Asked Questions

Watch and read about the different types of RC car batteries, NiMH and LiPo, and how to charge them.

At Hearn Hobbies, we offer various types of chargers to keep your electric RC vehicle running, including 12v and 240v (wall) chargers, which are ideal for hobbyists. Watch how to use them here.

Here are the basics of how to charge RC batteries—introducing the different types of batteries, the processes involved, and the best practices.

The torque your servo should offer should increase with the size and weight of your RC car. It's important to select a servo that can support the weight and size of your automobile. Watch which digital servo offer greater resolution, higher torque and faster speed here.

The average speed is 30km/h, while some Traxxas arrive at close to 50km/h.

Depending on a number of variables, a standard RC car can reach top speeds of up to 70 mph. While ⅛ scale cars can go over 100km/h, some custom modified cars can go well past this speed.