Scale Model Aircraft Unboxing: Trumpeter 1/32 A-1D AD-4 Skyraider

First Look and Kit Review:

Scale Model Aircraft Unboxing: Trumpeter 1/32 A-1D AD-4 Skyraider

It is time to dive into an exciting new offering from Trumpeter. Join us as we explore the A-1D AD-4 Skyraider at 1/32 scale. Let us get right into it!

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  1. The History of The Douglas A-1 Skyraider
  2. What is Inside Trumpeter: 1/32 A-1D AD-4 Skyraider
  3. Watch The Unboxing and Kit Review

Background on the Douglas A-1 Skyraider

The A1 Skyraider, originally known as the AD, was created during World War II to meet the changing needs of war. This single-seat attack aircraft first took off in 1945 and officially joined the military in 1946, right after the war ended. Initially, it was meant to be a torpedo and dive bomber, but it was quickly adapted to fit the demands of modern warfare and became a versatile long-range support and attack plane. 

Over 3,180 A1 Skyraiders were made, not just for the United States Navy but also for the Air Force and Marine Corps. It even traveled abroad—to France, Thailand, and Cambodia—and is well-known for its role in the Korean and Vietnam wars. Interestingly enough, the Skyraider did all this while the other planes were well into the jet age despite being a piston-powered plane. Even more surprising is the fact that this aircraft has documented air-to-air kills even though it was not built for air-to-air combat! Despite running on a regular engine, it still had an impressive range of over 2,000 kilometers.

The Skyraider was a formidable aircraft through and through, with a lot of surprising facts on its trail. Stay tuned, because there is more to come as we explore more about this aircraft while taking a look at Trumpeter’s model.

What Do You Get?

The impressive 1/32 scale box showcases a stunning image of the Skyraider on the front, highlighting its sleek design and powerful engine. This kit is a marvel, offering an array of details and customization options. Now, let us have a look into what awaits inside the Trumpeter 1/32 Scale A1 Skyraider model kit.

  • Instruction Manual

The user manual is a bit hefty—but that is to be expected given the size of the model we are dealing with here. When you crack it open, you will see two distinct choices for decals right off the bat on the cover: one for the Marine Corps version and the other for the Navy variant.

Once you take a look on the inside, you will discover a goldmine of information, all laid out in a way that is really easy to follow. There is a step-by-step guide complete with large and easy-to-follow images that covers everything from building together the engine to piecing together the cockpit.

  • Fuselage and Cockpit

Alright, now let us shift our focus to the actual components of the model, beginning with the fuselage. It is worth noting that the fuselage is on the larger side, and the level of detail packed into this large canvas is incredible! Trumpeter has really nailed it; they paid attention even to the tiniest of features, such as those small rivets and finely etched panel lines, making the details pop out even more.

As for the cockpit, when you take a peek inside, it is fully decked out and complete with a meticulously crafted pilot figure and finely detailed instruments. You might notice that some of the pieces have a bit of texture, but it just adds to the model's authenticity, making it look even more realistic.

  • The Wings

Now, let us take a look at the wings, and boy, are they loaded with weapons and protective gear. When you flip those wings over, you will spot those sturdy points where you can mount all sorts of weaponry. It is definitely mind-blowing to imagine that the Skyraider could haul a massive 3,800 kilograms of ordnance with just these attachments alone! 

And, the upper side of the wings is no slouch either, boasting intricate details and a textured surface that really amps up the model's realism. Plus, you have the freedom to choose whether you want those wings extended or neatly folded up, depending on your preference.

  • Engine Cowling and Propellers

Now, onto the smaller parts—the engine cowling, pistons, and individual propellers. While some model kits come with one-piece propellers, Trumpeter has gone the extra mile by providing individual blades, which gives the model a nice touch of realism and adds a higher level of detail to the model. The engine cowling can also be opened to give a glimpse of the intricate engine components inside!

  • Undercarriage and Control Surfaces

The landing gear components and control surfaces are finely crafted with riveting and panel lines to match the rest of the kit's incredible detail. Again, the consistency of this model is astounding! Every single piece is carefully done and has a beautiful finish. There is a lot to look forward to in building this model, for sure.

  • The Surprising Addition: A Toilet

But why is there a mysterious toilet included in the kit? The story goes that to commemorate the Skyraider dropping six million pounds of ordnance during the Vietnam War, the Navy decided to strap a toilet—an actual toilet—to the aircraft and drop it on the North Vietnamese during a combat mission. Talk about an unusual tactic, right?

  • Additional Parts and Decals

The kit also includes smaller components like pylons, landing gear wheels, cannons, and control surfaces. Like all the other parts in the kits, they are also incredibly detailed—Trumpeter even included rubber tires for added realism! 

There are two different decals available for this kit, a US Navy and a US Marine version and the paint job is pretty straightforward, making it a great canvas for your creativity.

Final Thoughts

The Trumpeter 1/32 scale A1 Skyraider model kit is a remarkable offering for aviation enthusiasts and model builders! Its attention to detail, a large collection of customization options, and the added tidbit of a unique historical detail make it a fun choice for your next project. If you are into one-of-a-kind model kits, this one is a definite must-have.

Watch The Unboxing and Review

Watch Dan as he unboxes and shows you everything inside the Trumpeter Trumpeter A-1D AD-4 Skyraider kit! Tune in to see him explore the different parts of this incredible aircraft  and see if it can be the next one to sit on your display case!

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