Best Gifts for Scale Modellers | Must-Have Accessories & Tools

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Best Gifts for Scale Modellers | Must-Have Accessories & Tools

It is that time of the year again when we have to scour different stores to find the perfect present for the special people in our lives. If giving just any run-of-the-mill present is not enough for you, you can always go for a gift that speaks to their hobby or passion. Is one of your lucky receivers a scale modeler? If so, then you too are in luck! In this blog, we put our heads together to create a list of the absolute best gifts for scale modelers. Here are the must-have tools and accessories for scale modeling that can make the perfect gift this holiday season:


  1. Gift Idea: The Must Have Accessories & Tools For Scale Modeling
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Gift Idea: The Must Have Accessories & Tools For Scale Modeling

Let us make this holiday season one to remember. Check out our list of must-have gifts for scale modelers and put a big smile on their face. Happy gifting!

1. Hobby Nipper

The first tool in our list is the hobby nipper. Whether you are building cars, planes, or figures, these nippers are your go-to for clean cuts. These specialized tools are designed for precisely cutting plastic parts with sharp blades and cleanly removing the parts from the sprues. There are a variety of hobby nippers from entry-level to high-end models, single or double-bladed, with various handle styles to match your preferences.  

  • GODHAND SPN-120 Ultimate Nipper 5.0

The GodHand GH-SPN-120 Ultimate Nipper is a legendary tool in the modeling world. Setting the gold standard for the precise removal of parts, they leave a clean and smooth finish, freeing you from the worries about damaging or leaving marks on your parts. These nippers are great for snap-fit model kits and work with various plastic materials. So, whether you are a frequent model builder or need precision for delicate components like tank track links, the GODHAND SPN-120 Ultimate Nipper 5.0 is your perfect choice!

Get the GODHAND SPN-120 Ultimate Nipper 5.0 here

2. Masking Tape

Masking tape is an absolute game-changer for scale modelers, it shields precise areas during airbrushing, ensuring clean, crisp lines without any unwanted splatter. Whether you are working on curved or flat surfaces, this tape is your trusty ally that can be easily applied and removed after the painting process. With masking tape, you can paint with confidence, knowing that only the intended areas will get colored in, leaving the rest untouched.

  • TAMIYA Masking Tape

Elevate your model-making and painting with Tamiya Masking Tape! Perfect for curves and sharp lines, it repels water, leaves no marks, and will not affect your paint's color. Use it on scale plastic models, paper for various paints, and enjoy easy removal even up to a month later! Make precision your craft with Tamiya!

Get the TAMIYA Masking Tape here

3. Model Cement

Model cement is a scale modeler's secret tool. It is the go-to choice for ABS plastic and polystyrene, creating a quick, seamless hold. This remarkable glue works like magic, joining pieces flawlessly, drying rapidly, and leaving your model looking impeccable. It is used not just for bonding but for fixing small mistakes and smoothing the seams as well.

  • REVELL Contacta Professional Cement

REVELL Contacta Professional Cement is the adhesive for your precise bonding needs. It offers precise bonding with its needle-fine tip and a plastic welding effect for rock-solid connections. Perfect for delicate parts and offering room for adjustments, it is the secret to creating flawless models and hobby projects!

Get the REVELL Contacta Professional Cement here

4. Mag Head Visor

Magnifying visors are a handy tool for scale modelers. They have two magnifier lenses, one for each eye, to help you see small details up close. Worn like a headband, they keep your hands free for precise work in painting and modeling. Modelers rely on these visors for magnifying their work's details. Adding one to your toolkit enhances precision and gives you a closer look at your projects. 


Get closer to perfection with the NINESTEPS OPTRIX FIVE Mag Head Visor! Conquer fine details effortlessly with the 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X, and 3.5X magnifying lenses and a powerful LED lighting system. Adjust to fit any head and enjoy precision in modeling, painting, reading, crafting, electronics, and more. 

Get the NINESTEPS OPTRIX FIVE Mag Head Visor here

5. Model Putty

Putty is used for filling in gaps and imperfections in model kits. It is a pliable substance that becomes hard when cured that allows for sanding, carving, and painting, creating a seamless and polished finish. When dealing with complex assemblies or customizing models, putty is the secret to perfecting your project’s outcome!

  • GREEN STUFF WORLD Acrylic Green Putty

Elevate your modeling with Green Stuff World Acrylic Green Putty! This extra fine-grained, fast-drying putty delivers an ultra-smooth, non-shrinking finish. Ideal for modeling, it makes for a great filler, thanks to its remarkable adhesion and sanding properties. With its water-based, non-toxic, and non-flammable properties, elevate your craft with the ultimate modeling ally!

Get the GREEN STUFF WORLD Acrylic Green Putty here

In Conclusion

It is that wonderful time of the year again when we get to spread some holiday cheer and show our loved ones just how much we care. But let us face it, finding the perfect present can be a real challenge, especially when you are striving to make it personal and meaningful. With our handpicked selection of must-have tools and accessories for scale modeling, you can now choose which one to give to make this holiday season feel extra special.

Make this holiday season unforgettable for the scale modeler in your life! With our expert recommendations, you can be confident that your gift will not only be thoughtful but will also be a useful addition to their model kits!

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