Kinetic Model Unboxing: KFIR 1/48 C10/12

First Look and Kit Review:

Kinetic Model Unboxing: KFIR 1/48 C10/12

In this blog, we are going to be diving into another exciting model kit! Based on a modern aircraft with fascinating origins—the Kaffir C10 is a beast of an aircraft. Let's see if this new offering from Kinetic Model Kits can live up to its real-life counterpart, while we are at it, let's have a look if it is worthy of being your next project too!

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  1. The History of The Kaffir C10
  2. What is Inside Kinetic Model: KFIR 1/48 C10/12
  3. Final Thoughts
  4. Watch The Unboxing and Kit Review

Background On The Kaffir C10

The Kaffir C10, also known as the "lion cub," is a fighter jet that originated from Israeli Aircraft Industries. It came about as a response to Israel's need for an air-to-air fighter and interceptor with robust ground attack capabilities. 

The Kaffir was meant to replace the Mirage III aircraft that experienced attrition during the Six-Day War. Although Israel intended to purchase the Mirage 5 from France, a weapons embargo prevented the sale. Instead, Israel successfully acquired the plans and designs for the aircraft through an espionage campaign and reverse-engineered some Mirage parts to create the Kaffir.

The Kaffir C10, a later version of the Kaffir, offered upgraded features such as a thicker nose cone to accommodate a larger radar and enhanced detection equipment. The jet was known for its versatility and cost-effectiveness, making it a popular choice for several Latin American countries.

What Do You Get?

This Kinetic model kit is in 1/48 scale, complete with fantastic box art showcasing the Ecuadorian Air Force variant of the Kaffir C10. What is really great about this kit is that it also offers decals for the Colombian Air Force and the Sri Lankan Air Force. This gives modelers a chance to play around with entirely new designs and insignia that are different from the usual decals of well-known countries.

  • Instruction Manual

The instruction manual comes in an A4 booklet format with black and white illustrations that are relatively easy to follow, even for beginners. 

  • Fuselage

The Kaffir C10's fuselage features sharp panel lines with indented details and rivets that closely resembles the real aircraft—a classic, nice, streamlined fuselage. The Block 60 version that this model takes after also has noticeably thicker and more rounded nose cone that is designed to accommodate advanced radar systems and increase the aircraft’s fuel capacity.

Additional Features

If you look closely, there are additional features such as air intakes and air brakes on the wings' underside as well. The model also replicates the two 30-millimeter cannons located on the aircraft's front underside. 

  • Delta Wings and Canards

The delta wings are another iconic feature of the Kaffia C10's design. These wings that connect to the fuselage give the aircraft its distinctive shape and were originally inspired by the Mirage series, which, in turn, took design cues from the Israeli Nesha fighter jet.

The canards, which are placed above the leading edge of the delta wings, are there for the aircraft's stability at lower speeds and lower altitudes. You can take a good look at them if you get the model for yourself!

  • Engine and Air Intakes

The kit includes detailed components for the air intakes, engine, and exhaust. These parts are for replicating the aspirated single engine and the exhaust system for a much more realistic-looking engine. The air intakes are recreated faithfully as well, making the model feel all the more authentic.

  • Weaponry

The Kaffir C10 was well-known for carrying a wide range of ordnance. And as expected, this kit also has an array of weapon options, including sidewinder heat-seeking missiles, cluster bombs, and laser-guided bombs at its disposal. There is even the Python missile (an Israeli-designed weapon with impressive control surfaces) included, along with multiple bomb racks for the model's payload!

  • Canopy and Lights

The canopy—where the pilot will be looking out of—is faithfully reincarnated in this model. The surprising addition of running and landing lights is not too bad either; they will look great when the model’s all finished!

  • Decals

One of the standout features of this model kit is the inclusion of decals for multiple air forces, such as the Ecuadorian Air Force and the Colombian Air Force. It is pretty refreshing to have options beyond the typical country decals we are all used to.

The unique camouflage patterns and insignias are a breath of fresh air as well, and the quality of the decals themselves is top-notch, so no matter what you choose, they will definitely look amazing in the finished model!

Final Thoughts

The Kinetic Models Kaffir C10 scale model kit is an impressive offering that captures the essence of the unique fighter jet it takes after. The attention to detail in the kit's components, from the fuselage to the weaponry, is really well done! The addition of decals from less common air forces also gave this model another layer of diversity that is different from the usual choice of this and that.

We can safely say that this model is a fitting tribute to the Kaffir's legacy and that it wonderfully showcases the Kaffir to the aviation world. So, if you are an aircraft model enthusiast looking for a challenging and rewarding project, the Kaffir C10 from Kinetic Models is definitely worth considering!

It is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the combination of history, technology, and modeling craftsmanship. So, grab your kit, build your own Kaffir C10, and as always, keep rocking in the world of scale modeling!

Watch The Unboxing and Review

Watch Dan as he unboxes and shows you everything inside Kinetic Model’s KFIR 1/48 C10/12 kit! Tune in to see him explore the different parts of this incredible aircraft  and see if it can be the next one to sit on your display case!

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