What’s Inside KATO’s Unitrack M2 Master Track Set

Are you planning to upgrade your set-up? Or maybe you are looking for a great entry-level model and have some money to spare. If that is the case, then this blog is for you! In this blog, we will be talking about the N-scale Unitrack M2 Master Track Set from Kato. We will be taking a look at all its parts and features while exploring the possibilities this flexible track has to offer. Let’s get right into it!

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Background on the KATO Unitrack M2 Master Track Set

The Unitrack M2 Master Track Set at N-scale, one of Kato's starter series, is the ultimate expansion set that showcases Kato's distinctive unitrack system. Although this track set resembles a train set, it does not come with a rolling stock, which gives you freedom to customize it however you like. You can obtain the parts on your own if you have a certain theme and need a track set that will serve as a base, or if you want to have specific locomotives and rolling stock. It is a simple and easy-to-use track that can be readily adjusted to create more complex and advanced layouts using Kato's variation sets or individual unitrack pieces. If you are just getting started, this is the ideal set-up to have.

What do you get?

The M2 Basic Oval and Siding track set consists of a 3' x 6' oval of Kato UNITRACK. The set is powered by Kato Powerpack SX and has a re-railing track segment, but what really sets M2 apart from other tracks is the passing siding function, which allows you to park one train on the passing siding while another progresses around the other track. It is a really nice set-up out of the box that you can utilize however you want.

The Power Pack

The Power Pack

The Kato Powerpack SX for the M2 track set is a typical DC or analog power pack. The tactile feel of it is nice to the touch, coupled with a good throttle movement that has a little bit of weight. The forward and reverse speed toggles can be easily manipulated with little effort, and on the sides you will find the outputs for the switch module, one of M2's better features in terms of convenience. Every part is laid out nicely, and aside from being practical, the light blue color of it is pleasing to the eye as well.

The Track Pieces

Long straights

Long straights

The set includes 250 millimeter long straights, the longest straights that Kato produces in their Unitrack range that has a unique track system. The joiner system, referred to by Kato as a "power union joiner" or a "union joiner," is what makes this track stand out compared to others in the market. The tracks still have the traditional roller joint, but the union joiner included in Kato models allows the track to connect together securely while also being easily pulled apart. Although there are other track systems out there with a similar arrangement as the Kato’s joiner system, no one does it quite like they do, as they are one of the best examples of that particular track design.



The passing siding has two #6 turnouts, one at each end, and can be operated manually depending on how you want to do so. The motor for the turnout is housed inside the roadbed, which gives it a very low profile and is not at all bulky. This track set is a great option if you're tired of your bulky turnout switch assemblies or if you prefer a simple and space-saving setup.



The set also includes a rerailer piece. If a locomotive or piece of rolling stock derails, a rerailer is a part designed to collect the wheel and snap everything back into place. It is modeled in a way that it resembles a crossing, which gives the tracks a unified appearance consistent with the other track pieces.

The Switch Module

The Switch Module

You can operate your turnout movement without a lot of hassle by simply attaching the switch module to the side of the power pack and into the switch output. If you want to add more turnouts, you can also choose to add additional switch modules; for this, you can add as many as your power pack can handle. The turnout will plug directly into the switch modules, but there is a lot less complicated wiring because you only need to join the switch modules to the power pack. It’s one of the aspects that makes Kato excellent, as it eliminates the burden of wiring and handling of other electrical components usually associated with this kind of hobby. This is especially helpful if you are a beginner or someone who doesn't enjoy the electrical and wiring components of the hobby.

About Kato

Kato Precision Railroad Models, founded in 1957 in Japan, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality modern diesels, freight cars, passenger equipment, and track products in HO and N Scale. They’re well known when it comes to their excellent products and precision models that have been continuously evolving throughout the years. Kato has excellent sets catering to all skill levels, with a vast collection of products to choose from.

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Final Thoughts

The Kato Unitrack M2 Master Track Set is a great starter track set that can be incredibly helpful to novices just starting out on their modeling journey. It is also great as an upgrade for long-time modelers looking to start a new set with a lot more features and fewer headaches. It’s a convenient track set to use whether you’re just starting out or have been in the hobby for a long time.

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