How to get the best performance from your DF65

Enhancing the performance of your Dragon Force 65 (DF65) RC Sailboat can significantly improve your sailing and racing experience. Here are some of the best tuning upgrades and modifications you can consider:

Sails and Rigging

High-Performance Sails: Upgrading the standard sails to higher-performance racing sails can dramatically improve the boat's performance. This can include replacing the "A" sails with "A+" sails made of 50 micron Mylar, which are available from suppliers like Dragon Sailing North America​​​​.

Rigging Upgrades: Improving the rigging can enhance the sailboat's responsiveness and handling. Consider using upgraded rig kits or assembly sets for the "A+" or "B" rigs, which are designed for better performance in varying wind conditions​​​​.

Boom Vang Redesign: Some models, like the DF65 v7, feature a redesigned boom vang for easier adjustment and better connection to the boom. This can lead to more consistent performance and easier rigging​​.

Hull and Keel

Keel Modifications: Depending on where you sail, you might consider modifying the keel. For example, using a shorter keel can be advantageous in shallow waters.

Hull Reinforcement: Strengthening the hull can improve durability and stability. This might include reinforcing key areas to prevent flexing or damage.

Electronics and Servo Upgrades

Digital Rudder Servo: Upgrading to a higher quality digital rudder servo can improve steering responsiveness and accuracy​​.

Sail Winch Servo Upgrade: An upgraded sail winch servo can provide faster and more precise sail control, which is crucial for competitive racing and handling in various wind conditions​​.

Safety and Maintenance

Regular Maintenance: Regularly checking and maintaining the sailboat is crucial. This includes cleaning the hull, checking rigging, and ensuring that electronic components are functioning correctly.

Safety Measures: Always follow safety measures like ensuring that the boat is assembled correctly and checking for any potential issues before sailing.

Community and Resources

Engaging with the DragonForce 65 community can provide valuable insights and tips for tuning and upgrading your sailboat. Online forums, instructional videos, and resources from the DragonForce 65 USA Class Owners Association offer a wealth of information on building, tuning, and sailing the DF65​​​​.

Customization and Personalization

In addition to performance upgrades, personalizing your DF65 can enhance your sailing experience. This can include custom sail designs, hull graphics, and unique rigging setups that reflect your style and preferences​​.


Optimizing the DF65 involves a combination of sail and rigging upgrades, hull and keel adjustments, and electronic enhancements. Engaging with the DF65 community and utilizing the wealth of online resources available can further aid in maximizing the performance of your sailboat. Whether for competitive racing or recreational sailing, these upgrades can transform your DF65 into a more responsive, faster, and enjoyable RC sailboat.