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A Quick Review Of the Yokomo BD10

By Hearns Hobbies September 11, 2020

A Quick Review Of the Yokomo BD10

The BD 10 is a revised model of the BD 9. Researchers at Yokomo analysed body flex and chassis motions while the car was in motion which showed to have adverse affects in the effectiveness of the drive. Performance loss and some affected issues in driving as well.

To which the Yokomo team laid out a center drive which optimized the balance between the front and the rear correcting weight distribution further along with drive torque

The Yokomo BD 10 at Hearns Hobbies Melbourne

The positive and, overwhelming drivability brought on by the optimal combination of roll center, pivot axis, pitching balance, weight distribution and all other values, has broken the commonality of today touring car.

Which usually tends to be more zippy and erratic, but has been tamed and refined so it can effectively be both stable and speedy. In the RC world a well functioning and evenly balanced chassis, tied into other elements of the car as well, could be the difference between winning a race, or loosing.

Nic & BJ Showing the BD 10 and talking about during the Livestream

The BD 10 features a wide selection of new changes to benefit the car, and your RC build as a whole! These all combine to give that previously mentioned balance of speed, performance, and handling.

  •     NEW!! Center drive layout
  •     NEW!! Main chassis & Upper deck
  •     NEW!! Aluminum motor mount
  •     NEW!! Long suspension arm(F/R 2mm longer)
  •     NEW!! Aluminum suspension mount(for long suspension arm)
  •     NEW!! Pitching control plate
  •     NEW!! Shock cylinder coating
  •     NEW!! Dual shock O ring
  •     NEW!! Super progressive spring (Front)
  •     NEW!! Center pulley (20T)
  •     NEW!! 4mm Aluminum hex hub
  •     NEW!! AXON Stabilizer wire (F/R)
  •     NEW!! AXON Gear diff axle O ring

BD 10 up close mid-mount engine space and batter

Some additional accoutrements include, AXON’s newly designed oil shock for BD 10. The cylinder is coated with a newly developed HVF coating, allowing accurate and smooth operation to be maintained.

A visibly shown Mid-Mount engine bay to add further balance and to counter balance the weight of the battery of your choosing (do a degree) so the centre of gravity for the BD 10 is always delegated to the centre of the vehicle.

The BITTYDESIGN Seven-20 body for the Yokomo BD 10 as shown by Nic and BJ

You can see Nic and BJ's overview of the BD 10 along with a nice BITTYDESIGN SEVEN-20 Polycarbonate body to give that fine detail and look.

Watch The Livestream Here 

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