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Yokomo RC Cars

Yokomo is one of Japan's top manufacturers for RC Cars, having been around since 1965. Yokomo have become a world renowned brand for all RC Car fans. See what we have in stock at Hearns Hobbies today!

YOKOMO 1/10 scale EP touring car kit BD10 with bonus...


YOKOMO Protector of Alum.Drive Cup for BD-8/9


YOKOMO Rear Wheels(White) for YZ-2/4/B-MAX4(Y-B4-827W)


YOKOMO Rear Wheels(Yellow) for YZ-2/4/B-MAX4(Y-B4-827)


YOKOMO Belt Tension Cam Spring ( BD-BTCS )


YOKOMO Front suspension arm (Graphite) (Y-S4-008F1)


YOKOMO Front Wheel ( B4-821 )


YOKOMO Front Wheel (White) ( B4-821W )


YOKOMO Graphite Steering Block (B9-415SG)


YOKOMO Hard Coat Shock Mounting Balls for BD7


YOKOMO Rear Inner Suspension Arm Pin ( 3?45mm) ( BD-009BR...


YOKOMO Steel Drive Cup Spool for BD9-2019


YOKOMO L5 Rear Sus arm L/R(Graphite molded) for YZ-4S(Y-S4-


YOKOMO Aluminum Suspension Mount Spacer (1.0mm) ( B7-SS10 )


YOKOMO Graphite Front ST Hub Carieer (B9-413G)


YOKOMO Short King Pin ( SD-414S )


YOKOMO Wheel hub (3.5mm)( B8-011NB )


YOKOMO Steering block ( Z4-415S )


YOKOMO BD10 Progressive R Shock Spring (2.30-3.00)19.5mm


YOKOMO Steering Block For BD9 2019 (Y-B9-415S)


YOKOMO Rear belt( B8-180L )


YOKOMO Suspension Arm Pin Ball (f3mm)( B8-301BS )


YOKOMO BD9/8/7 Rear (63T) Belt Low Friction ( Y-BD-189LB )


YOKOMO Outer Suspension Arm Pin ( 2x23mm) ( BD-009A )


YOKOMO Hex socket Rod End Ball(L Size/14.7mm)( ZC-206LH )


YOKOMO Adjustable Body Mount(Black)for6mm Post ( BD-ABM6B )


YOKOMO BD10 Front/Rear Drive Belt


YOKOMO BD10 Front Lower Suspension Arm (55mm - Shock 33mm)


YOKOMO Spool Drive Cup (Aluminum) (B9-501MCA)


YOKOMO Suspension Mount Bushing for BD-8/9


YOKOMO DP48/84T Spur Gear of Dual Pad Slipper for YZ-4S(Y-S


YOKOMO f5 Battery Connector