The Best RC Boats Money Can Buy

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but it just so happens that there are plenty of RC boats as well. Which one would be best, then? Well, that’s up to you to decide, but we have prepared, in our opinion, three of the best boats that money can buy. In this blog, we’ll be going over each one of them and helping you choose the best RC boat for you.


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The Top 3 Best RC Boats

Finding good-quality RC boats that fit your vision can be quite tough; there are plenty to choose from, and combing through each one of them is undoubtedly a hassle. Luckily for you, we've made a handy little list that can help you in your search. But first, let’s explore the brand where the boats that made our list came from.

UDI RC Boats

What makes an RC boat the best? Maybe the answer will differ from person to person; however, great features and specifications are sure to play a huge part. UDI RC’s boats are a cut above the rest, and here’s why:

UDI has an iconic hull structure with an aesthetically pleasing exterior. Each of their RCs comes with its own boat mount, which will keep the boat's propeller and rudder off the ground in storage. It's also a handy accessory to have when working on the boat. Each box comes with spare propellers and rubber bumpers that you can use to cover the front of your boat. These rudder bumpers can protect your hull from collisions and accidents, and they're great for when you're driving your boat in a rocky environment. You can swap out your propellers with the spares if one happens to be damaged, and you can even replace it with a different one as long as it's within the reasonable size limits.

Main Features

UDI RC Boats have a water cooling system that can conveniently protect the boat from overheating and a double boat cover design for better waterproofing. Each of their boats has both a high-speed and low-speed mode that can suit whatever sailing mood you are in. The RC's radio system has a low battery alarm and an out of range alarm installed, so you do not have to worry about fishing it out of who knows where because the alarms make it easier to avoid sticky situations. The self-righting hull design of their boats is handy for when the boat flips; with this, you don’t have to wade into the water to flip it over.

Impressed? Now let's check out our top three boats carrying these features:

UDI Gallop (Smallest size)

UDI Gallop (Smallest size)

First up is the UDI Gallop, a small contender capable of reaching speeds of up to 25 km/h and sailing for up to 6 to 8 minutes. It has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1100 mAh and comes with a USB-type charger with a charging time of approximately 80 to 100 minutes. The Gallop’s controller operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and can transmit signals up to 80 to 120 meters. 

The Review

The Gallop might be the smallest out of all the three that we are going to showcase, but boy does it pack a punch. It's the perfect RC boat if you don't have a lot of space to run it in; you can launch it in pools or a small creek with ease, and it can even run on larger bodies of water. This model might be small, but it's definitely not lacking.

Shop the UDI Gallop here 

UDI Rapid (Mid-size)

UDI Rapid (Mid-size)

Next on the list is the UDI Rapid. It has a brushless motor that can reach speeds up to 25 to 30 km/h and can give you up to 8 minutes of run time. Its 1500 mAh lithium battery has about 50 percent more capacity than the smaller Gallop RC, but with the same battery charger, it will take a bit longer to charge. It might take about 2 hours or more to get it fully charged, but it can give you more power. Its 2.4 GHz radio system can move the boat from left to right, forward, and reverse. It provides long-range control with no hiccups, so you can enjoy your sailing time with no trouble.

The Review

The Rapid might sport the same hull structure as the Gallop, but it comes in a bigger package. This one is more suitable for larger bodies of water since it is a bit too big and too fast to run in a swimming pool, but it makes up for those restrictions with its power. The structure is durable and slick, and it's definitely a great option if you want something that’s not too small or too big.

Shop the UDI Rapid here

UDI Arrow (Biggest size)

UDI Arrow (Biggest size)

Last on our list is the UDI Arrow. Its brushless motor can reach speeds of up to 40 to 50 km/h and can give you about 7 minutes of run time. It has a 2200 mAh lithium battery that has both overcharge and discharge protection. Its charger is also a little bit different than the other two because it's going to be charging up a 3S. It uses a 2.4 GHz radio system that can transmit signals up to 120–150 meters, which fits an RC of its size. Its adjustable trim tabs will make it easier for you to launch the model out into the water, which will definitely be handy since it's on the larger side.

The Review

The Arrow is the biggest out of all the boats that we are showcasing, and it's the one you might want to pick if you like to go big and bold. Its speed and power are suitable for its large size, and the hull’s white color makes it look particularly classy and pleasing to the eye.

Shop the UDI Arrow here

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, size DOES matter, and this is one of the instances where this principle applies. If you want a boat that you can run in your pool, then going for the Gallop will be your best bet. However, if you’re feeling indecisive, going with a model that’s neither too big nor too small might be the right way for you; for that, we have the Rapid. As for the Arrow, its big body and sleek design are eye-catching, and it's perfect for those that want a bigger RC boat. Regardless, each of the RCs on our list is what we consider the best, so no matter what you choose, you're surely going to have a great time.

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