SLUBAN Model Bricks Bismarck Battleship - Building Series


SLUBAN Model Bricks Bismarck Battleship - Building Series

It is nothing short of spectacular to see how far model building has come. For naval military fanatics, the modeling gods have sent an interesting messenger to deliver a one-of-a-kind model to be enjoyed with a fantastic twist—it is made up of model bricks! The SLUBAN Model Bricks Bismarck Battleship build will surely be an interesting project to take on. So what are we waiting for? Let us get to building!


  1. The History of The Bismarck Battleship

  2. The SLUBAN Model Bricks Bismarck Battleship Build

  3. In Conclusion

The History of The Bismarck Battleship

The Bismarck Battleship was the largest warship Germany deployed during World War II. Its sheer size made it a dominating presence on the seas.  It was described as a floating fortress designed to withstand heavy damage while delivering devastating firepower in return. Armed with 15-inch main guns, it delivered devastating blows to enemy vessels making it quite the terrifying foe. 

The Bismarck’s construction began in 1936, and it served in the German Navy until 1940. During its relatively short service, it left its mark on naval history and became a symbol of German naval power during a critical period of the war. Its historic showdown with the British Royal Navy, facing off against HMS Hood accompanied by the Prince of Wales, is still one of the most overwhelming victories fought at sea to this day.

It was more than just a warship; it was a maritime legend. Its colossal size, unmatched firepower, and historic battles have earned it a permanent place in the annals of naval history. The Bismarck stands as a testament to the engineering prowess and military might of its era, leaving a legacy that continues to captivate the world to this day.

Building The Sluban Model Bricks Bismarck Battleship

It is not every day that you can take on a project like this one. The combination of Sluban’s ingenuity and the Bismarck Battleship’s colorful history can be found in this interesting model building kit. 

What do you get?

The set comes with an illustrated and colored instruction manual. There are 1849 pieces of model bricks that each have a different color, similar to how they are presented in the manual. The individual parts are color-coded, and each one has a role in completing the ship. 

As for the building process is just a simple snap and click while being guided by the instructions. But with so many pieces and bags, finding the right components can be quite the challenge—besides the building, of course. But it is all part of the fun!

  • Starting the Process (Step 1 & 2)

Start the building process by assembling the foundation. Lay out all the parts that are needed for the assembly. For Step 1, as per the instruction, grab the pieces from bags 1 and 24 and lay out our base. Once that is sorted out, attach some gray-colored bricks to hold everything together and create a sturdy foundation. This will be our Step 2. It is all about solidifying the base and creating our keel.

Watch the pieces come together and start the building process of your Bismarck Battleship! Join one of our hobbymen, Dan, as he goes through the first part of building the ship. Youtube video

  • Progressing with the Keel (Step 3 & 4)

Picking where we left off when we started laying out the base, we will now start assembling the pieces for the keel for Step 3. The keel is like the backbone of a boat; it is the long, sturdy part at the very bottom of the boat that runs from the front to the back. Laying the keel is the first thing to do when building a ship, so essentially, the keel is our base. For Step 4, we are now going to add more components to the keel and this will help give shape to our battleship.

  • Creating the Structure (Step 5, 6 & 7)

Moving on to Step 5 we are going to be working with outward-facing pieces—the exterior of our battleship. We are going to be creating four pieces, with two of each placed on the side of the ship. At Step 6, we are going to continue building by adding more components to our structure and using various pieces to create a solid shape. For Step 7, add more blocks to the side of the structure. These red-colored blocks give our battleship more depth.

  • Creating the Structure (Step 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12)

Now, for Steps 8 & 9 we are going to be filling out the pieces that we have been working on with some larger bricks and thinner ones on top. At this point, you will see that the battleship is coming together nicely. Onto Step 10, still working with packet number 24, we will continue building the keel using more bricks from the packet. This is a crucial step in shaping our battleship. Lastly, for Step 11 & 12, we will work on completing the keel structure and attaching a brick that goes at the very back of the keel.

At this point, you can now appreciate the size and complexity of this build as it starts to look more and more like the Bismarck Battleship. Watch it come together in part two of our building series here: Youtube video

  • Assembling the Hull (Step 13, 14 & 15)

For Step 13, we are still going to be working with what is left of packet number 24. We will use these pieces to continue building our ship's structure, and these parts will help shape the hull further. Finally, for Step 14 & 15, we are finally going to move on to packet number 25. While following the instructions carefully, we are going to be assembling the components layer by layer.

Watch the assembly of the Bismarck Battleship and see it all come together! This comprehensive guide will help you create your own ship at home, step-by-step: Youtube video

  • Creating the Propellers & Others  (Step 16, 17, 18 & 19)

By Step 16, the battleship is now slowly but surely taking shape, and we are still working on packet number 25. Then, for Step 17, we are going to be creating the propellers that would go underneath the ship. For this step, we are primarily going to use the maroon-colored model bricks. Now, onto Step 18, we are still going to work on the propellers and crack open packet number 3 along with some of the pieces from packet 25. After that, we are going to be moving on to Step 19, which will focus on creating the base of our deck.

There are still more packets that we have not cracked open, but if you cannot wait to know what comes next, then you can buy the Bismarck Battleship here! And, watch our guide video for this step: Youtube video

In Conclusion

Sluban has done a great job on this kit! There is nothing more delightful than going back to a familiar piece from childhood and creating something new with it. For those who are fond of model bricks but also have a soft spot in their hearts for military history, then this is the perfect kit to take a look at. The Bismarck is taking shape, and there is still so much more to come. If you are just as excited as us to witness what is going to happen next, then stay tuned! Check out the series here:

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