Mental Benefits of Playing Board Games

Looking for a fun and challenging way to bond with your loved ones? Look no further than good old fashioned board games! These timeless classics will get your brain buzzing and provide hours of entertainment for all ages. Despite the occasional spat or sneaky move, playing together has never been more rewarding. Plus, studies show that board games can boost cognitive function and memory retention. Ready to roll the dice and create some unforgettable memories? Check out the top mental benefits of board games below!


  1. The History of Board Games
  2. The Mental Benefits of Playing Board Games
  3. In Conclusion

The History of Board Games

Before they made their way to game nights and dusty bookshelves, board games had a long and rich history that turned them into what they are today. The earliest discovered board game pieces in history date back to 5000 BC. Found in southeast Turkey, this prehistoric board game was composed of carved stones that resembled dice.

In ancient Egypt, the first recorded board game was born. Dubbed as "Senet", this ancient game was played by the nobles to pass the time. There are other ancient games that have survived up to this day and are still played widely all over the world. "Go," a game that originated in China some 4,000 years ago, is still played in East Asian countries today.

Board games have evolved from the simple dice games we knew them as before. Nowadays, there are games that have storylines and characters to explore and have fun with, and there are other more serious games that take these games to a whole different level. Its evolution from a game played by royals to being a staple on summer nights and holidays is quite a sight to see. You need more than book smarts and luck to win these games; strategy is a must as well as technique. That is precisely why these games are fun and can really tickle your competitive bones.

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The Benefits of Playing Board Games

  1. Reduces Screen Time

Ever heard of the phrase "Go touch some grass?" It is often told to someone who spends a little too much time glued to their devices. Too much screen time is unhealthy, whether we want to admit it or not. To give ourselves and our brains a break, some good old-fashioned board games just might do the trick.

  1. Creates Connections with Friends and Family

Spending some much needed quality time with friends and family through a game of chess or snakes and ladders can create meaningful connections and memories. It is a healthy way to vent out the stress and frustrations that can help break the ice for some conversations that are otherwise swept under the rug. This creates a special bond between family and friends that can be nurtured each time a game is won or lost.

  1. Produces Great Memories

Whether it is a story about cheating, a couple of friends losing 100 dollars over a game, or ending up with the love of your life, you would be surprised at how many priceless memories can be created over a simple game. Whether they are friendly or competitive, these games can produce irreplaceable memories with family and friends. It might seem silly, but you can learn valuable life lessons in these friendly competitions that you will not be able to find anywhere else and that you will carry throughout your life.

  1. Offers Valuable Teaching Tools for Children

It might seem silly, but you can learn valuable life lessons in these friendly competitions that you will not be able to find anywhere else and that you will carry throughout your life. This can serve as a valuable tool for teaching children to be a good sport, to handle losses, and to enjoy their wins. Of course, aside from life skills, there are also practical skills that they can learn through these games, like tactics and strategy, that they can apply in everyday life. Just do not let Uncle Tom teach Little Jimmy the ways of the world through cheating; otherwise, these games can offer valuable teaching tools for children that are both engaging, fun, and positively impactful.

  1. Reduces Stress

Board games can serve as a great breather after a long, hard day at work or school. Vent out your frustrations in a game of chess or backgammon while sipping some drinks from your favorite glass. It is a great way to relieve pent-up emotions in a healthy, harmless way that is both fun and beneficial.

  1. Increases Cognitive Function

These games present a whole new set of challenges and exercises for the brain. Board games are not simply games of luck and chance; more often than not, these games are strategic, and to win, having the skill to do so is needed. Through playing, one can increase cognitive function by overcoming their opponents with skill and technique, honing their brain in the process.

  1. Makes Socialising Easy

Board games are not played alone! Whether it be with friends or family, when playing chess or dice, you are never alone. These games are designed to be played and enjoyed with others; they are true social games. Through it, you can easily connect with others who share the same passion and build a connection with them through playing.

  1. Increases Confidence

Through experiencing wins and losses, these simple games can increase your confidence in yourself and in your skills. Through handling different games and playing with other people, you can give yourself a boost of confidence and hone your skills in the process. These simple games are not as simple as they seem to be; to a person, they can instill a set of values and beliefs you can only build by competing with others.

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In Conclusion

Whether you are young, old, or young at heart, board games can bring you a whole lot of fun if you give them a try. For most, these simple games hold a special place in their childhood, and for others, they have priceless memories while playing one of these games. Besides the fun, there are a mountain of benefits you can get from playing these games. So why not give it a try?

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