GODHAND Micro Power Pin Vise Review

An in-depth look at the GODHAND Micro Power Pin Vise

There are as many drill bits as there are types of jobs that require drilling. Each of these jobs require a certain level precision that can be achieved by using the right kind of equipment.

Godhands Power Pin Vises - Micro Power Pin Vise

While a large number of Pin Vises are available on the market, BJ speaks specifically about the brand-new Micro Power Pin Vise by Godhand. As shown, in comparison to the Power Pin Vise and the short-shanked version, the Micro Power Pin Vise can be used to grip smaller/finer drill bits.

To put this into perspective:

Comparing the Power Pin Vise and the Micro Power Pin Vise

Comparing the Power Pin Vise and the Micro Power Pin Vise


Apart from size being the obvious difference, one of the main differentiating factors between the Power Pin Vise and the Micro variant is that the Micro Power Pin Vise is comparatively lighter on the grip of the actual drill bit. This reduces the risk of breaking/snapping the bit while in use, as the grip strength of the Pin Vise is noticeably lesser than its larger counterpart. It also gives you (the user) an easier grip and enhances your control over the entire vise and bit when making smaller movements.

One can’t deny that the larger Pin Vise is the more versatile one as it facilitates more variations in sizes and can also be used both ways.

See our “How to” guide for the use of the Godhand Power Pin Vise and it’s features here:

How to use Godhand Power Pin Vises


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A brief look at the Godhand Short Power Pin Vise (for chisel bits)

Godhand Short Power Pin Vise

The short-shanked tool (Short Power Pin Vise) is designed more specifically for varied chisels. It also has a wider grip that secures thoroughly onto the chisel pins. By design, it is compact and fits within the palm of your hand quite easily. In this case, the short shank tool is the preferred choice for chisel work, as opposed to the Power Pin Vise.

Digging into the Micro Power Pin Vise

Godhand Micro Power Pin Vise


Now let’s take a look at the brand-new Micro Power Pin Vise; coming in with a finely refined machined colt. It is also important to keep in mind that the collet is fixed dead centre and to prevent possible damage to your drill work it is recommended to always double check how the drill bit is attached in place.

So, how does one use the Micro Power Pin Vise?

Micro Power Pin Vise Tutorial | GODHAND | #askHearns


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Just as one would use the regular Pin Vise by following these similar steps:

    1. Open up the outer portion by unscrewing it lightly, until you notice the colts opening up.
    2. With your choice of drill bit, you then place it into the opening of the colts.
    3. Then tighten it up for a firm grip until the colts close firmly (but not too tight).

      Remember, the largest size that can be used in the Micro Power Pin Vise by Godhand, is a 1mm drill bit. In case you need to change the bit size, you follow the same procedure as stated above and ensure that the colt is not opened too wide, so that it can fit perfectly even around a finer bit. Always tighten the outer portion so as to ensure a fitting grip around the fine bits, because it could easily get damaged or lost.

      The Micro Power Pin Vise can be used just like any other Pin Vise. Simply hold the tool as you would a pen and place your index finger on the flattened top of the device. The knurled part on the Vise is basically where you can rotate it from in order to drill while keeping a firm grip on the tool.

      The greatest benefit of using the Micro Power Pin Vise is due to the fact that because of its small size, it requires very little power to hold it steady, whereas with a bigger tool on a finer drill bit would cause an unsteady, wobbly drill.

      So that’s all about the Micro Power Pin Vise by Godhand. Which you can use to create fine drills from sizes 0.1 to 1mm with absolute ease and stability while making sure that both your bits and your handiwork stay safe from damage!

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