"CUT IT OUT!" A Ninesteps Premium and Classic Side Cutter - Review

A deep dive into the Ninesteps Premium and Classic Side Cutters

A precision nipper/cutter is designed for tasks that require precision and delicate careful cutting, the likes of which include: cutting wires or springs, etc. (Important Note: this may vary based on the materials at hand).

"CUT IT OUT!"  A deep dive into the Ninesteps Premium and Classic Side Cutters

While the task a nipper is designed to perform (at a base level) is to simply perform a neat cut, the functional features of the nippers used to perform that task have a lot more to them and do make a noticeable difference. BJ explains these minute, yet vital details between these two side cutters from Ninesteps Industries that are currently available in the market. The two featured products, namely the Ninesteps Classic Side Cutter and the Ninesteps Premium Side Cutter have a rather unique differentiation in their design.

Breaking down the Ninesteps Classic Side Cutter

Breaking down the Ninesteps Classic Side Cutter

Let's talk about the Classic Side Cutter for instance. It comes with dual sharpened blades, that means both of its blades have sharp edges. So, when you squeeze the grips together, both blades cut the material right through to the centre. It exerts equal pressure from both sides to cut the desired piece (usually plastic or fine metal wiring that usually won’t damage/wear out the blades) in one swift motion, leaving a nice clean cut.

Breaking down the Ninesteps Premium Side Cutter

Breaking down the Ninesteps Premium Side Cutter

On the other hand, the Premium Side Cutter is crafted to have one single polished blade. It means that one side of the two edges is sharpened, while the other side is stationary and helps guide the other blade to cut all the way through. So, when you squeeze the grips on this nipper, it cuts the material all the way through one side to the other, similar to how a sharpened knife cutting a vegetable or meat on a cutting board would work.

Ninesteps Nippers and Side Cutters

One of the key features of the Side Cutters by Ninesteps is that they are both quite slim-jawed and have been crafted using high quality steel. These products are arguably far superior than most other products within a similar price range. Their make assures an undeniably smooth cut, and helps to eliminate messy end results and therein the need for sanding back any harsh or rough cuts with sanding and polishing tools.

The Tutorial Analysis of the Classic and Premium Cutters

In the tutorial shown below, BJ analyses and demonstrates the cuts delivered by the two featured products. He shows them in action by utilising a plastic sprue and plastic model piece as examples, firstly, how the Ninesteps Classic Side Cutter works.

Ninesteps Classic Side Cutter - Bottom View

With its doubly sharpened edges and spring-loaded gripper, this model-tool is extremely handy and visibly easy to use. It cuts through plastic in a reasonably clean fashion, and as BJ explains, with very little need for clean-up. The little nubs left after the cut can be easily smoothed out using a sharp cutting-tool like a knife or sanding and polishing tools like sanding pads. The Classic Side Cutter is great for general cutting of parts. It is more robust in comparison to the single-edged cutter and is a reliable tool for all kinds of basic cutting jobs.

Ninesteps Premium Side Cutter - Bottom View

BJ also demonstrates the use of the Ninesteps Premium Side Cutter on a similar piece of plastic material. The flat side of the blade is held up against the part of material that needs to be cut. In one swift and easy motion, the nipper enables a neat cut. So, what is the benefit of a single blade over a double bladed nipper/side cutter? A single sided blade gives a cleaner cut piece, creating smaller nubs on the end result and in comparison, it delivers a more precise cut than the Ninesteps Classic Side Cutter. Thanks to the singular fine blade on the Premium cutter, you could also do a double cut to further smoothen any excess protrusion on the surface of the cut.

Premium & Classic Side Cutters Tutorial | NINESTEPS | #askHearns

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To Summarise:

The Ninesteps Classic Side Cutter is a really good everyday tool and is extremely handy for most basic cutting jobs across materials. It can be used especially if you apply the method of using a basic cutter to make the first separation and then use another tool for further smoothing. You could then supplement its work, with the Ninesteps Premium Side Cutter, which will help you achieve a cleaner, superior cut, with far less scope for clean-ups. Despite the difference being very subtle, you can tell by the finish and the usage which is the cutter that you’d prefer. Of course, preferences and budget will also depend on the modelling job. Either way, they’re both great cutters and can be used to supplement each other for a truly efficient and clean cut.

Try them both to find your preferred nipper today~
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