Nathan's Traxxas - Bronco TRX4 Adventure

Nathan's Traxxas - Bronco TRX4 Adventure

A personal experience story~

Working in close proximity to the RC department for three years; I thought I would learn a bit about RC simply by osmosis. While that kind of turned out to be true, I thought I needed some more hands-on experience and decided to get myself a Traxxas TRX-4 Bronco!



My background in hobbies is mostly scale/scratch model building and a bit of model trains. Rock Crawling appealed to me as a place to start my RC education; since it looked as though I would be spending 80% of my time building and maintaining the car.

The build process is the most appealing part of this for me, so I decided to go a bit overboard and get all the upgrade parts I could find!


The Upgrade Parts include:


The first upgrade was to install the wheels and tyres. This was expected to be a long a tedious task considering this was my introduction to beadlock rims – this is where there is a ring of about two dozen screws holding the bead of the tyre in place. At this stage I also installed the widening kit – which makes the wheels stand outside the wheel arches. I was a little puzzled with this installation since the washers didn’t fit properly around the shaft, so I used the kit without them.


Nathan's Widening Kit Installation


Installing the beadlock tyres went better than expected and all screws seemed to go in nicely with the tyres sitting firmly on the rims. I took the crawler out for its maiden drive and it performed very well in high and low gears around a tanbark garden with lots of twigs and exposed tree roots. After about fifteen minutes however, the front left wheel fell off...


Wheel & Tyre Examples from Nathan's Build


I had learned my first lesson the hard way, so I went back and had to re-do all the beadlock screws with threadlock. I also discovered that the washers I had for the widening kit were the wrong size – this was probably the main reason for the wheel popping off. I found some washers that were the right size and now the widening kit fitted perfectly! Also, the tyres were now locked-in and I was fairly certain I shouldn’t have that same problem again.


Picture showing an example of the Widening Kit in action and properly installed tyres


Next, I had to install the gear coverings. This was trickier than I thought it would be, since I had to get the hex wrench in between the suspension and drive shafts to access the screws (hot tip: use a ball ended hex wrench so you can approach the screw at an angle). After about an hour I had removed the old plastic coverings and installed fancy red metal ones!

The RC with the newly installed Red Diff Coverings

I decided to completely remove the front and rear bumper bars, as they were getting in the way while attempting any climbing. I also raised the body; as the new tyres were scraping on the wheel arches. At this time I also installed the Traxxas Link Module – this just snaps in place on the side of the controller and a single screw secures it in place.


I had a play with the features on my phone using the app; but the real benefit of this upgrade will come when I install the new motor and servo.


Next time I will bust out the soldering iron and fit the new brushless motor and servo!


Stay tuned for my follow up blogs, with the continued upgrades I will be performing on this kit.


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