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Traxxas is located in Plano, Texas. We create, design, and manufacture hobby-class radio controlled cars, trucks, and boats in both nitro and electric categories. All aspects of the business are done in-house, from the original pencil-sketches, to the finished product on the shelf.

The heart of Traxxas is the Research and Development department where highly-trained and experienced engineers use advanced solid modeling software and computer-aided machining to turn ideas into powerful R/C machines.

A custom-built dynamometer is used to precisely measure engine output. A fully staffed art department creates all the literature, packaging, videos, photography, and marketing materials, as well as the website you’re viewing right now.

Traxxas employs hundreds of people in the actual manufacturing and assembling of the models. There are crews that make the tires, mold the bodies, make the injection molding tools, machinists, line engineers, craftsmen, and over 70 people solely devoted just to assembling the Ready-To-Race® vehicles!

The customer service department is perhaps the hardest working group, available from 8:30am to 9pm central time to answer your questions and help you keep your model going. Most Traxxas employees are R/C hobbyists themselves, adding to the creative and energetic spirit that allows us to continue to produce fun and exciting R/C products.

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