The multi-talented all-rounder. Take off wherever you fancy – that’s what the FunCub lets you do. Thanks to the large, lightweight EPP wheels and powerful brushless power train this model can cope with virtually any airstrip. Whether you fly from tall grass, a gravel path or a farmer’s field: flaps down, throttle up, and away she goes. And very little space is needed, too – either for take-off or landing. The model also has quite a talent for spectacular stunts. Large flaps, big wheels, oversized prop and a power system with plenty of “oomph” – just the right blend for this.

And that’s not all: you can use the FunCub to tow your mates’ gliders up to height; all you have to do for this is activate the aero-tow mechanism. We can even offer a floats set, converting the FunCub into an excellent aircraft for water or snow. It’s simply a great all-rounder. With its docile flying characteristics and super slow-flying characteristics the FunCub is great for the beginner while he learns to fly, while the advanced pilot can impress on-lookers with spectacular aerobatics (loops, rolls, inverted).

The plus-points:

  • Low minimum airspeed
  • Ultra-docile flying characteristics
  • Suitable for aero-towing gliders (e.g. EasyGlider-size)
  • High-performance power set available
  • Option of fitting large landing flaps
  • Detachable canopy for ease of battery swapping
  • Two-part wing for ease of transport

Kit contents:

Moulded ELAPOR® parts, GRP spars, all small plastic itemsand linkage components required to complete the model,decal sheet, comprehensive illustrated instructions.


  • Wingspan 1400 mm
  • Overall length 980 mm
  • All-up weight approx.1130 g
  • Wing area (FAI) 38 dm²
  • Wing loading min. 30 g / dm²
  • RC functions Aileron, rudder, elevator, throttle, optional landing flaps

Recommended equipment:

  • Receiver:6 Channel
  • Servos:2 x HS-81 or Hs-82MG(1 x rudder, 1 x elevator) and 2 to 4 x HS-55 or HS-65HB(aileron / optional flaps, tow hook)
  • “FunCub” power set: # 33 2649 incl. brushless motor, controller, propeller,driver and accessories
  • Battery: Thunder Power 3S 2250
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