German Tiger I Late Version w/Ace Commander And Crew Set (8 Figures)

Item No:25109 – Length: 241.5mm (Image shows finished model.)

  • 3 commander and 5 tank crew figures included.
  • Includes an Assortment of Figures and Decals

The greatest menace to the Allied forces during WWII was the powerful German Tiger I tank. It was thought that one Tiger tank had an offensive power equal to that of five Sherman tanks. The tank weighed 57 tons, had a 100mm thick frontal armor, and featured a powerful 56 caliber 88mm gun which could penetrate 100mm armor at a distance of 2,000m. Its splendid performance led to the advent of many famous ace commanders such as Michael Wittmann. Production began from July 1942 and over 1,300 units were produced overall, and the late production models featured improvements including a more powerful engine, periscope on the cupola, and pressed-steel road wheels.

About the Model

  • 1/35 scale plastic assembly kit model of the German Tiger I late production with 8 figures. Length: 241.5mm, Width: 106mm.
  • The heavy form of the tank with vertical armor plates realistically reproduced.
  • The turret’s loading section as well as hatch’s underside have a detailed finish.
  • Link type resin assembly tracks included.
  • The main gun which featured a smaller muzzle brake system seen on late production models also included.
  • 3 commander and 5 tank crew figures as well as a wide variety of decals to depict unit markings and vehicle numbers included.


  • Kit includes figures with realistic poses such as waiting an operation and having a briefing to add great scale realism to diorama situations.
  • Decals to depict over 10 different tanks included.

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