ROAD RAGERS Aussie Bedford School Bus Collection

For Australian modelers, there is a definite lack of commercial vehicles, especially if you happen to be modeling at HO scale. In the past, there have been small cottage industries that produced trucks and buses, and with Road Ragers in the game, more and more outstanding models are coming to light and being produced. This company has created models of vehicles that have never been produced before, and with their Aussie Bedford SB Bus line, they are slowly dipping their toes in the commercial modeling game. Are they any good at it? Let us find out!


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The History of the Australian Bedford SB Buses

The Bedford SB buses were built by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC), a Melbourne-based factory that was known for producing aircraft during World War II. After the war ended, they shifted to creating products for the masses and made everything from pressure cookers to buses. Hence, the Australian Bedford SB buses were created.

These buses were considered modern by their day; up until that point, most buses were built on Austin truck chassis with timber and sheet metal bodies, etc. Unlike our modern-day buses, they do not have disability access, are not air conditioned, and still have cloth seats, but in comparison to other buses of the time, they were still considered quite advanced. The Bedford SB buses had a fairly long life as well and were powered by Holden engines. There are numerous photos of the SB buses being built alongside the Australian-licensed version of the Mustang, so you know they are an indigenous Australian bus.

These buses were everywhere in Australia before, you could see them in front of a shopping center, on the main street, and even on country roads during Sunday school runs. Since they had a fairly long life, some of these buses were also turned into motorhomes, and you might still be able to see one to this day if you are lucky enough.

ROAD RAGERS Aussie Bedford SB Bus Collection

Road Rages has released four versions of their 1/87 scale diecast bus collection to date: the 1957 Trinity Grammar Bedford School Bus, 1958 Grenda's Bedford School Bus, 1959 Bedford Duffy's Bundaberg, and the 1959 Bedford School Bus Yellow. Hopefully, there will be more to come!

AUSSIE ROAD RAGERS 1957 Bedford SB - Trinity Grammar

AUSSIE ROAD RAGERS 1957 Bedford SB - Trinity Grammar

This model is a rather nostalgic one, especially if you happened to ride it as a student before. True to its origin, the school bus sports the blue and white color scheme of the University of Melbourne’s Trinity College. There is not much to say about the design, admittedly, it is quite a unique vehicle to model, perhaps someone working on the project went to that college? Either way, this model is definitely one that is definitely worth checking out!

Get the AUSSIE ROAD RAGERS 1957 Bedford SB - Trinity Grammar here 

AUSSIE ROAD RAGERS 1958 Bedford SB Grenda's 

AUSSIE ROAD RAGERS 1958 Bedford SB Grenda's

This one might just be the hottest selling one out of the four: the famous liner from the Dandenong Bus Line—Grenda’s! The recognizable white and red color scheme incorporated into the Bedford SB body is a familiar sight for those that regularly rode it on stations before. This one is a definite must-have, and there are surely others out there that waste no time in getting one of these models for themselves, so get yours now too!

Get the AUSSIE ROAD RAGERS 1958 Bedford SB Grenda's here

AUSSIE ROAD RAGERS 1959 Bedford SB - Duffy's Bundaberg

AUSSIE ROAD RAGERS 1959 Bedford SB - Duffy's Bundaberg

This model might seem a tad familiar to you if you know Melbourne Lane Ventura Buses, but make no mistake because these buses are of a different kind. The Duffy’s Bundaberg buses might share some similarities, but it is an entirely different liner. Want to see the bus more closely? Check it out! You will definitely see what makes this one so special.

Get the AUSSIE ROAD RAGERS 1959 Bedford SB - Duffy's Bundaberg here

AUSSIE ROAD RAGERS 1959 Bedford SB - School Bus Yellow

AUSSIE ROAD RAGERS 1959 Bedford SB - School Bus Yellow

This model would fit right in a variety of layouts! It might look like your stereotypical American school bus, but when you look at it closely, there is a rather unusual choice of font design that resembles 60s-style sign-writing you normally would not see in buses from the US. This model is quite simple, so it is the best one to get when you cannot decide between the four.

Get the AUSSIE ROAD RAGERS 1959 Bedford SB - School Bus Yellow here

The Review

If you want a piece of vintage Australian motoring history, these models might just be what you are looking for. Each 1/87 scale diecast model comes in a clear acrylic perspex box, with only 1,000 models created for each of the four bus variants.

The models themselves have basic underside details, with an exhaust pipe and the Holden Bedford engine showing through underneath. It does not have fine, delicate details, so you do not have to be extremely careful, you can take your model out of the box to admire it once in a while. When looked at closely, you will be able to see that Road Ragers have done the license plate number, so that adds a nice little touch. 

 If you are not a fan of the ghost bus effect and want to add passengers to your bus, you most definitely can. Although you do have to drill out a pot rivet and a pop rivet in order to customize the bus and put in passengers, if you have the extra time to do it, it would definitely be worth going the extra mile. Regardless of what period you are modeling, whether it is in the 60s or 70s, finding a place for any of these buses in your layout would not be that difficult.

Watch the Review

Watch Dan as he reviews the four newly-released diecast buses from the Road Ragers Aussie Bedford School Bus Collection!

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