Airfix Junkers Ju87B-1 Stuka 1/72 Kit Review

Airfix Junkers Ju87B-1 Stuka 1/72 Kit Review

Injection moulded plastic – New tooling


100 components including 10 transparencies


These are very cleanly moulded with excellent fine recessed panel lines on the major components. Any ejector pin marks are confined to concealed areas, whilst there is no evidence of any flash whatsoever.

-General Comment

This new release from Airfix replaces their somewhat dated older tooling of the Junkers Ju987B Stuka .

All the kit parts are crisply formed with especially fine detail in the cockpit area. This includes a choice of pilot’s seats which allows for the pilot in the cockpit or an empty seat with a moulded on harness. You are also supplied with the two crew figures with separate right arms, instrument panel, control column, sidewall detail, the pilot’s floor view port, observer’s flexible mounted machine gun and seat, and various other fittings.

Internal structural panels are included for the engine intake sub assembly.

The landing gear features flattened, bulged tyres and the aircraft’s distinctive faired undercarriage legs with the Jericho-Trompete “Jericho Trumpet” wailing sirens mounted on the leading edges.

Locating holes will have to be opened up on the lower surfaces of the wings and centre section for the externally carried bomb load and associated racks. A full weapon load is supplied. Other external fittings are the wing trailing edge slats and dive brakes.

The supplied transparencies are beautifully moulded with sharply defined framing, and are very thin and clear.


The kit box states the supplied sheet is printed by Cartograph and it shows, with superb register and enough stencilling to do the completed model justice.

Two options are provided for.

  1. Junkers Ju 87B-1 Stuka, 9./Sturzkampfgeschwader 51, Norrent-Fontes, France, August 1940.

  2. Junkers Ju 87B-1 Stuka, Kampfgruppe 88, Legion Condor, Spain, 1938.

No swastikas are supplied with the first option due to political sensitivities so these will need to be sourced elsewhere.

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Review by Daryl N. Williams

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