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Have you ever gone off adventuring in fantasy land with a ragtag bunch of adventurers on a Friday evening at one of your DnD sessions and finally managed to fit it into everyone’s schedule? Well, this game is not just for show. Though exploring magical lands seems far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is something special you can get from this role-playing game that you can apply in real life, in a classroom, and even in a work setting.


  1. Dungeons & Dragons Workplace Edition
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Dungeons & Dragons Workplace Edition

It might be easy to write off a game with magic spells and fantastical settings as something that stays within the confines of your own imagination and perhaps in your long-awaited DnD sessions; however, it is not that simple. You see, a game of Dungeons & Dragons involves role-playing, teamwork, and above all, decision-making skills that will help you survive in a critical moment. Sounds like something you will need in life? Of course! Let us explore each of these traits and see how they can be beneficial in a workplace, and let us see for ourselves if we can really add your beloved hobby to a resume.

Now, what skills do you need to have in order to have a successful campaign? Can you really use it in a professional setting? Let us find out!

  • Leadership Skills

Are you a dungeon master? Do you direct the flow of the campaign, introducing the other players to their fates and presenting the paths that they could explore while simultaneously keeping the game engaging and fun? You might be able to use this skill in a workplace by supervising your teammates and seeing how their work goes, directing them towards an outcome that will be beneficial for the company.

Someone who can set the mood of the entire workplace and give their co-workers the push that they need in the right direction is definitely needed in the workplace, and if you have ever tried being a party leader in a DnD campaign and serving as a general of sorts in your ragtag group, then you can bring that experience with you and use it as you navigate the workplace.

  • Teamwork

A campaign would not be successful without teamwork. Working with others in your party is a must in DnD. Having someone to watch your back as you enter an ominous cave or having another player cover your character’s weaknesses and compliment their strengths is essential in this game. No matter how crazy the campaign ends up being, every player will be in it together. In the office, having a solid group of people working for the benefit of everyone, covering each other’s backs, and filling in the gaps will surely raise productivity and morale. Having the skill to collaborate with others effectively is an important thing to have as an employee and colleague.

  • Role Playing

Whether you are a bard, a priest, or a swordsman, everyone has a role to fill in D&D. Being able to effectively play the role you are given or the role that you choose is a crucial part of this game. Choosing to play a role that you know you can work best at and that suits your personality is important in order to both enjoy and survive the game. In a workplace, each employee also has their own roles to fill. When interacting with fellow employees, entertaining clients, and doing the designated tasks, each employee plays a role in order to keep the gears turning. Here, they will play a character that fulfills the needs of the company.

  • Critical Thinking Skills

In a campaign, you are bound to be stuck in a sticky situation where you need to think fast and decide the best course of action, all the while being under the pressure of your character getting brutally wounded. Having a clear mind to think your decisions through and see the bigger picture while under stress is a skill that will get you through dire situations, even ones that you will not see coming. These decision-making skills are crucial in moments where you have to get the best possible outcome from a series of options, weighing the pros and cons of each option, and choosing the one that would most benefit everyone. Being collected even when under pressure is a great thing to see on a resume, especially if you have dozens of campaign victories to show for it.

  • Flexibility

Being flexible and adjusting to whatever challenges you are being put through is critical, especially if you are on a quest where you do not know what challenges could be thrown at you at any moment. Having the skill to adjust and adapt to your environment while responding to problems and unexpected events is a must in a working environment. Responding quickly to a situation and adapting to it accordingly is a basic but crucial trait one should have in both personal and professional settings.

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In Conclusion

These skills that you exhibit in your campaigns that have saved a teammate’s life, earned you an insane amount of bounty, or helped you survive a horde of magical beasts can be applied in real life, and even better yet, they can be added to your resume. It might seem far-fetched to use the game for recreation and bring it over to a professional setting, but these role-playing games hone different qualities that are beneficial in the workplace.

Leadership skills, the ability to role-play, teamwork, and flexibility are only some of the lessons you can learn by playing this unique game. You can be whoever you want to be, create a character in a world of magic, and even use all the lessons that you learned to prepare you for your adventures in real life.

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