Deluxe - Looks Like Glass: Product Review

Deluxe - Looks Like Glass:
Product Review

Q: So what is Looks Like Glass?

A: At a general overview, Deluxe - Looks Like Glass, is a very thin, water-based type of resin, designed for finishing/polishing of any project you may have. Its a self leveling fluid which means that even if it looks like there are brush strokes when your painting it on, as it dries, and flattens out to match curves and even keep the finer details of your model/figures/anything you are working on, in tact.

Looks Like Glass at Hearns Hobbies - Demo Stup

Q: How can you apply Looks Like Glass?

A: The main intended application of Looks Like Glass, is to dip your particular part into the bottle (if you can), and letting it drip off the excess to get the smoothest finish.

However brushing is also an option and due to the self leveling & thin characteristics of the fluid, brush strokes (when used with a fine enough detailed brush) dont show as they level out.

The product can also be used in a myriad of other applications, such as:

  • A glass like finish on canopies, windows etc.
  • Adhesive for clear windows
  • Creating a wet look on plastic
  • Sealing scatter
  • A super- thin smooth plastic varnish to assist transfer application.
  • Creating polish on tiled floors

It can also be used to restore scuffed/scratched items (in BJ's video he uses a deliberately sanded clear plastic piece as an example), giving a clean "like new" look.

Looks Like Glass at Hearns Hobbies - Demo: half scuffed, half clear example

As a final note, Looks Like Glass can also add (albeit small) an extra added layer of protection. As it is a topical liquid, and designed to be used as a finishing on your project. It can add anywhere from 0.1 to 3mm (or more) of extra clear protection to your project, depending on how many coats you add after each drying.

Mind you this is circumstantial depending on each individual product, level of care and sanding you apply, and may or may not have the same outcome for each person, so be sure to take that into account if you are going to use it in a protective intended application.

Looks Like Glass at Hearns Hobbies - Demo: Self Levelling brushing example

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